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2 Private Lessons — $  60.00

Price: $60.00
   Get 2 private 30 minute lessons



4 Private Lessons — $195.00

Price: $195.00
  Get 4 private 45 minute lessons



Once you have completed your purchase,
call (718) 668-1300 to schedule your first lesson.

What Next…

Once you have made the purchase, copy the transaction number from your online receipt onto the Certificate then:

1. Print out the gift certificate —a pdf sent along with your receipt

2. Call us at 718.668-1300 to schedule the appointment or to let us know who we should expect!

3. If this is a gift, do urge them to give us a call to schedule their lesson soon!

NOTE: Gift Certificates must be redeemed within 3 months of purchase.

These special offers provide allow us to show you the unique Fred Astaire method of teaching. This curriculum will give you the confidence to dance while introducing you to 3-4 essential social Dances.

We highly recommend that you take the two introductory lessons separately as this offer is designed to show how much you can retain from lesson to lesson.